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25 May 2007 @ 11:04 pm
Ahoy Mateys!  
Well saw POTC:AWE today and it rocked!!!!! Loved it bunches, in fact i would probably sell a few things to just be able to see it all the time. Will and Lizzie were so cute, but alas I do want her to be with Jack....don't know why. Oh yeah cause he's cooler!
Overall I was really hapy with it, it had some really funny parts. I feel bad for Jack (the monkey) and I adored the multiple Jacks as well.
Mom complained it was to long, but i didn't really care. As for my walking on crutches thing, I still have the hell on sticks. In two weeks I have to go back to the doctor to see how its healing. Although it feels like it is doing nothing except being useless. But hey not anything I can do about it.
So yeah that was my day...and i am now done cause well i am tired and i think mom is asleep.

*Pirate Princess*

P.S.- Amber text me~!
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