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16 January 2007 @ 07:47 pm
5. David Bowie (not really a band. .who cares?)
4. AFI
3. Nirvana
2. HIM
1. The Rasmus

5. Guilty (TR)
4. Still Standing (TR)
3. First Day Of my Life (TR)
2. The One I Love (TR)
1. Funeral song (TR)

5. "Affirmination" -Savage Garden
4. Queen Of The Damned Soundtrack
3. A Knights Tale Soundtrack
2. "Razzorblade Romance"-HIM
1. "Dead Letters" -TR (big surprise huh?)

5. Dream A Little Dream
4. Rocky Horror Picture Show
3. Nightmare Before Christmas
2. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
1. Labyrinth

5. Checkers-don't remember authors name (read it in like 8th grade)
4. Hawksong -Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
3. The Shinning-Stephen King
2. Where The Wild Things Are-(if you don't know whose author it is, you had a sad childhood)
1. Harry Potter 1-5 (yes this is cheating but it's not like it's for a test or anything)

so there ya have it. complieled directly by me.

Okay so as you see, that is what Ambers top 5 use to be...way back in the day...lol sorry Amber I had to do it.

lol now its my turn
4.David Bowie
3. Dirty Pretty Things
2. Babyshambles
1. The Libertines

5. Lovefool (The Cardigans)
4. Straight Boys (Jefferre Star)
3. Dance Magic Dance (Bowie)
2. What became of the likely lads? (liberintes)
1. As the world falls down (Bowie)

5.Ziggy Stardust
4.The Libertines
3.Labyrinth soundtrack
2. Slippery When Wet
1. Up the Bracket

5. Oliver and Company
4. Dream a Little Dream
3. Bang Bang You're Dead
2. Velvet Goldmine
1. Labyrinth

5. Labyrinth
4. Dream Boy
3. Drawing Blood
2. Lost Souls
1. Exquisite Corpse
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_ragdoll13_ on January 17th, 2007 05:48 am (UTC)
gosh I had some bad taste there for a while.