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28 February 2007 @ 02:11 am
I fell, to far-to hard
I wish that someone could have told me
what love was like
what it tasted, smelled, looked, felt like
I never knew that my walls could fall
but they did...they crumbled beneath him

laying on the floor
wishing I could just give it all away
all I ever felt..all I ever gave
You took my heart out of me,
promised that you would never hurt me
sadly that was another lie to me
So now I have my heart back
its bleeding, torn, and shredded
I'm holding it in my hand waiting for him
to regret it
can't hold much longer
cause you see.
my heart beat is getting fainter and fainter
like reality

Courtney Nicole Lukachy
Copyright ©2007 Courtney Nicole Lukachy
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